Forthcoming Events and Recent Appointments January 2019


Dear Fathers and Brothers,

The Lord bless you and keep you!

The Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you!

The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace! (Numbers 6: 24-27)


With grateful hearts, trust in God, optimism for the present and the future, zeal for the mission, commitment to the ministry, faithfulness to our priestly vocation as members of St. Paul Province, generosity in  sharing our life and our resources, willingness to cooperate and collaborate for the common good, mutual encouragement, inspiriting examples of personal life, fragrance of sanctity emanating from the life of evangelical counsels: chastity, poverty and obedience,    let us continue our journey of life together through the New Year 2019! In this adventure of life, I wish you all the very best in your priestly life. I assure you of my continued prayers and fraternal accompaniment in living our priestly vocation faithfully and effectively as members of one family, St. Paul Province.


A grateful remembrance of the past enables us to have a realistic awareness of the present for a solid beginning. In spite of certain sad experiences we had, the Good Lord has been very merciful and generous in showering His blessings on us individually and collectively as members of St. Paul Province. When we look at our misery through the eye of faith in the light of the greatness and goodness of the Lord, each event and experience is meaningful and helpful in living our life in dependence of God without pride and self-complacency.   


By the grace of God and with the spiritual and material support of our benefactors, we continued to serve the Lord in serving His people through our priestly ministry in the parishes and institutions in the past year. We could extend our pastoral presence in more parishes in India and abroad. Except three of our priests, all of us experienced reasonably good health. Our seminarians have being progressing well in the pursuit of their priestly vocation. There has been steady growth of strength in our schools and hostels.  The inmates of our destitute homes and rehabilitation centers are well cared for. A praiseworthy sense of solidarity and cooperation in charity has been demonstrated by very many members of our Province in making their valuable contributions for helping the flood victims. Together as one family, we have been able to touch the lives of many with our spiritual and material contributions. Many are the occasions we profited the benefit of the strength of our community life in 2018. Even in our disagreements, disobedience, unrest and uneasiness caused by our own behaviors, unedifying life and  inactivity, there has been an undeniable layer   of love beneath. Due to the contributions of our benefactions and our members, we have been able to make timely interventions of innovation, maintenance and improvement in many of our institutions for better life:  Extension block for St. JosephSchool (Yernagudem), new building for St. Paul School (Dhone Kohone), aluminum roofing for the Good News Sneha Bhavan (Kakkoor),  aluminum roofing and Solar Energy panels for St. Mary’s Minor Seminary (Karunapuram), various developmental works in Good News Ammaveedu,  Solar energy panels for the Provincial House, purchasing of 2 plots of land at Konoor, one plot of land at Pampady etc.


It is because of the hard work, sense of belongingness, cooperation and collaboration, and selfless service of all our members that we are what we are today. So let us thank each other. I take this opportunity express my ever-living gratitude to all of you for everything you have been to our Province. It is certain that each member, in his own unique manner, has contributed to the growth of our Province. I am sure that God has rewarded our hard work and noble intentions. 


Dear  Fathers, on account of our experience in the past, finding sense in  the  following words, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”  (Søren Kierkegaard), with confidence nurtured by our trust in the providence of God and expecting your unconditional spiritual and material support, the Provincial Administration dares to launch two major projects in the current year: Construction of Good News Hall with few rooms for the Good News Retreat Centre at Pampady and Good News Bhavan ( A centre for Provincial Administration and Formation) in our newly acquired property at Konoor near Koratty. Knowing the enormity of cost involved in the context of our Province, though I feel that it is a leap in the unknown, we trust in God and move forward expecting your encouragement and spiritual and material support. The Provincial Administration is selflessly committed to the realization of the expectations of our members. We will also be starting the construction of the first floor of St. Paul School (Patharlapadu) and hopefully an extension block for St. Mary’s School ( Bonakal). God willing, we will be able to start the construction before May 2019. It will be of very valuable help if your could remember our projects in your daily prayers. May our dreams come true!


Dear Fathers, with you, I do believe that the growth and progress of our province does not consist exclusively in making new buildings. Though they are inevitable for the life of the Province, our sense of belongingness as members of one family, attitude of gratitude to the Province and to each member for what we are today individually, our commitment to follow HGN Constitutions and Directory shedding our selfishness and individualism, faithfulness to the evangelical counsels, our missionary zeal and closeness to God in prayer reflecting in our moral life are indispensable constructive stones for the real growth and survival of our Province. So let us remain together, pray together, work together, and continue our onward journey wishing each other good, peace, prosperity and health always.


May you have a Happy New Year 2019 in the Service of the Lord!





01. 26, 27, 28 April 2019: Common Gathering of the Seminarians at Karunapuram.

02. 01 May 2019:  Diaconate Ordination of Deacons Shaiju Berkmans and Paul Arora at                                                                                 Pampady.

03. 04, 05 May 2019: Meeting of the superiors and procurators of the communities/Institutions of

                                    of St. Paul Province at the Provincial House.

04. 06-10 May 2019: Annual Retreat for the priests of the Province in India at Anugraha                                                                                      (Vazhoor).

05. 11 May 2019: Diamond  Jubilee celebration of the priestly ordination of Rev. Fr. Thomas                                                                           Alenchery at the Provincial House.

06. On the request of Fr. Tomy Ambattu, Fr. Tomy has been relieved of the responsibility as the

                                    Provincial Secretary. The provincial administration thanks immensely the                                                                           valuable services of Fr. Tomy.


Recent Appointments/Assignments


1. Fr. Jinu Thadathil: Asst. Parish Priest at Kalady (Ernakulam -Angamaly Archdiocese).

2. Fr. Vipin Chirakkalakath: Provincial Secretary.

3. Fr. Tomy Ambattu: A sabbatical year.

4. Fr. Jospeh Kuthuliyil: A sabbatical year for prayer.


Dear Fathers, let us take not of the forthcoming important events and organize our time and work in such a way that we can participate in all the events without fail. Let us pray for the success of the ministries of the Fathers, who have received new appointments and assignments.




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