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 Dear Respected Members of St. Paul Province,

 Sub: Convocation of the Provincial Forum of St. Paul Province of Heralds of Good   News, 22, 23 October 2019.

Fraternal greetings of peace and joy of Christ! I wish and pray that you are safe and sound, and strive to do your best for the glory of God in the places of your priestly ministry. May God bless each one of us and bless our Province!

Herewith I inform you that the Provincial Administration has decided, in accordance with article 151 of the Constitutions of Heralds of Good News, to convoke the Provincial Forum to be held on 22 and 23 October 2019. The Provincial Forum will be preceded by the preparatory spiritual retreat beginning on 20th October 2019. 

 I take this opportunity to invite all the members of our Province to the forthcoming Provincial Forum.

 The nature, scope and the purpose of the Provincial Forum are explained in Art. 151, VIII of the Constitutions:

The Provincial Forum consisting of all the members of the provincial administration, a delegate of the General Administration, Regional Superiors if any, all local Superiors, all heads of institutions and the vocation promoter as well as all the permanent members of the Province at their choice shall be convoked by the Provincial Superior with the consent of his Council twice in a triennium. The scope and purpose being to re-assess the progress of the Province as well as to better implement the resolutions of the previous Provincial Assembly (Art. 151, VIII, the Constitutions of HGN).


In the light of Article 151, VIII cited above, it is the task of the Provincial Forum to reassess the life and ministry of the members in view of becoming more effective and efficient in serving the Lord   faithfully as members of the Province, guided and directed by the Constitutions and the Directory of Heralds of Good News and St. Paul Province.


In order to set an agenda for the discussions and deliberations of the Forum I earnestly request you to send me your valuable assessments, suggestions and proposals before 30 September 2019.


Tentative Program

Spiritual Retreat:  October 20 (9 AM) – 22 (8 AM).

Provincial Forum: October 22 and 23.

The retreat will be at Anugraha Retreat Centre at Vazhoor and the Forum will be held in our Provincial House at Pampady. A detailed time-table will be communicated to you later. Please pray for the success of our Provincial Forum in serving the purpose.


 Yours fraternally


 Fr. Saji Sebastian HGN

Provincial Superior

St. Paul Province of Heralds of Good News



Dear Fathers, in order to facilitate your assessment, suggestions and proposals for setting an agenda for the fruitful and constructive discussions and deliberations in our forthcoming Provincial Forum, certain areas and aspects of our life in the Province are drawn  attention to in the following.


1.         Vision Statement

2.         Mission Statement

3.         Vocation Promotion

4.         Seminary Formation (minor seminary, major seminary)

5.         Ongoing formation of priests (recollections, retreats, seminars, renewal courses)

6.         Missions in India

7.         Missions Abroad

8.         Spiritual life of members

9.         Community life of members

10.    Individual Initiatives and ventures

11.    Financial Situation of the Province

12.    Reports from Communities

13.    Parish pastoral works (Parishes, Missions)

14.    Education Mission (Schools, Hostels)

15.    Social Apostolate (Destitute Homes, Rehabilitation Centers)

16.    Retreat Ministry

17.    Higher Studies

18.    Constructions

19.    Gatherings, Celebrations

20.    Provincial Forum

21.    Provincial Assembly

22.    Provincial Administration

23.    Communication (newsletter, website for the province)


The members are most welcome to make any proposal and suggestion of importance that will be beneficial for the life, growth and development of our Province.

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