Establishments Constructions

Construction of a ClinicDispensary

Remote villages are very much in need of health centres of dispensaries for their daily living due to their poor and unhygienic living conditions. Timely awareness and intervention of properly trained medical officers can save even the lives of many and reduce the death rate of children as well as adults. There are a great number of villages without these basic medical facilities. We request your whole-hearted support and collaboration in our venture to provide basicminimum medical services to these less fortunate ones of the society. The obstacles they face are: the difficulty of transportation to reach the nearby centres for medication, highly paid medical services, etc.

To Establish ClinicDispensary US $ 40,000.00

Construction of an Orphanage

To Establish an Orphanage

This is to help orphans, school dropouts, destitute children and child labourers, who are unable to continue their studies due to abject poverty, by providing board & lodge, healthcare and education.

The cost of establishing an orphanage for 30 children with a study hall, dormitory, lavatories, refectory, kitchen etc

To Establish an Orphanage US $ 60,000.00

Construction of a School

To Establish an Elementary School

To establish an elementary school in rural and tribal areas in order to educate the poor children who are unable to go to school due to acute poverty and to give them a bright future.

With $ 45,000 we could establish a village school. Education is their escape from the oppressive burden of poverty. Your support offers these children a ray of hope for a bright future.

To Establish A School

Cost of Establishing an Elementary School US $ 45,000.00

Construction of a Minor Seminary for Formation

Assist us in establishing a Minor Seminary

The specific purpose of the Society is to promote vocations to the priesthood and to train and supply zealous, dedicated and hardworking missionaries where ever there is need in the Church. To meet this need of providing missionaries, the Province need to establish minor seminaries in the different regions of the Province. Fortunately we still have a good number of vocations to serve the Lord.

To Establish a Minor Seminary

Cost of Establishing a Minor Seminary US $ 250,000.00

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