Education is the medium through which we encounter the young minds of today who will constitute the society and the Church of tomorrow. Our schools will seek to foster the integral development of the students for a better tomorrow.

St.Joseph's EMH School, Yernagudem

St. Joseph’s E.M.High school was started on 19th June 1989 by the Missionary society of Heralds of Good News of the Roman catholic mission, with the help of S.A.B.S Sisters Tellicherry Province. Founder of the School was Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Jose Kaimlett, 1st Correspondent Rev. Fr. Thomas Alencherry and 1st Headmistress, Sr. Vimala Mary.

The aim of this institution is to impart a sound moral, intellectual, social and physical education, so as to turn out not only highly good and useful citizens , but also men of high principles discipline, cultural and refinement

The objective is to develop an all-round personality of the children so that when they leave the portals of the school, they are physically fit, mentally alert, morally sound and emotionally well balanced. These students are confident and forward looking and become worthy citizens of the country. Whatever is useful and relevant in our ancient culture and civilization, is blended with modernism and inculcated among the youth with innovations suited the modern technological era.

The school makes no distinction of caste, class or creed and admits students from all parts of the world with the spirit of tolerance and understanding.

ST.Paul SchooL, Patharlapadu, Khammam, Telangana

St. Paul School, Patharlapadu which is in the Catholic Diocese of Khammam is yet another mission of service for the poor and uneducated children of this area. This is another milestone in the life of St. Paul Province of Heralds of Good News which is one of the provinces of HGN Missionary Society of Pontifical Right.

The management of this school highly appreciates the vision, hard work and service mindedness of Rev. Fr. Siby Peedikayil, our first and former Provincial Superior of our Province who had a special concern and interest in establishing mission centers in remote villages where people need education and other social upliftment.

This village was particularly selected to put up a school by our province after surveying and realizing that there aren’t any good schools in the vincity of this village where people can get good and quality education in order to improve their life standards.

Though most of the people in and around our school area are financially poor yet are very happy about our mission here and are really interested in educating their children in our school. As we have realized the need for good education and as the people of this locality expressed their desire to educate their children here our province now under the guidance and leadership of Rev. Dr. Saji Sebastian, our Provincial Superior is very much committed to the cause of good and quality education for the poor children. We strive to fulfill our mission of educating as many children as possible with minimum and affordable fees. This year we have only the K G Section and we hope to add classes as per need in the coming years. This is a co educational school and admission would be given to any student irrespective of cast, color, creed & religion.

The primary aim and objective of our mission here is to impart an intellectual, moral, social, psychological and physical education to as many children as possible so as to produce good and useful citizens for tomorrow. In this way this institute will definitely assure the overall growth and development of the students in particular and the nation in general. The education we provide here would definitely help and mould the students to become responsible citizens with respect for everyone. The expected outcome of our education is to teach every student to respect God, fellowmen, our nation and the student himself/herself.

In order to achieve this aim in its fullness our school is committed to make sure good and quality education through qualified, efficient, hard working and committed staff. As education is a joint venture of the school management and the parents we seek the co operation of the parents in making their children understand the need for good education and get overall benefit from St. Paul School.










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